Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Restoran Puti Bungsu Batam – Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur

PutiBungsu It is really easy to find this restaurant, just located at Lorong Yap Kwan Seng of Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, nearby the KLCC. It is just beside Restoran Kampung Pandan, at the renovated bungalow became restaurant. The place was not crowded at all because it was Sunday lunch hour, I believe. I managed to park inside the restaurant compound but I think it would be difficult to get a parking during weekdays because I saw the parking space quite limited furthermore the roadside is prohibited parking spot.


PlagI love the restaurant surrounding because the dining area is quite open, outdoor but yet still under the shade, even if you choose to seat inside, in front of the cashier, there is sort of veranda at the back there. Puti Bungsu or Puteri Bungsu (youngest princess sibling in Malay) is believed to be small title given to a young lady among the noble of Minangkabau. Puti Bungsu restaurant originally from Batam Island, Indonesia is already established in Kuala Lumpur five years ago, back in 2007 and this is the only branch in Malaysia. All the workers and owner are from Batam, sometime I can hear their conversation in Minang, I guess.


The dining style in this restaurant is quite similar to other Padang places, they will stack all the gravies and dishes on your table and you just need to put a side the dishes that you do not want so they will not count that in the bill afterwards. It is recommended to seat on bigger table if you dine in with 3 pax and above.


I loved most all of the dishes and gravies, they were delicious and tasty. The ayam pop (Padang fried chicken style, it was boiled or steamed first before fried) was crunchy and tasty. My must menu when dining in nasi Padang was sambal balado (sambal with large sliced green or red chili). The daging dendeng balado (thin crispy beef with chili) and daging salai (thin sliced smoked beef) were so nice and juicy sweet of the meet with tasty of hot and sour onions and chili condiments. I did not try the gulai tunjang (gravy of cow foot tendons) and gulai otak (cow brain gravy), I thought they were delicious too. My refreshment after the lunch was a teh botol (packed of jasmine tea) and soursop fruit juice to cool down the heat of chili.

eggplant chilli
ayam pop
daging salai
gulai tunjang
gulai ayam
dendeng balado
gulai otak
kentang bilis balado
sambal balado 
gulai sotong
teh botol

The bill charge was so reasonable for the nice and delicious food and I recommend this restaurant for those who want to try Padang or Minang food. Puti Bungsu Restaurant serves authentic originally Padang food. This restaurant can be contacted at 03 21711197 and a great info about the Padang food can be read here.

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