Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mee Tarik Warisan Asli – Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur

The specialty of this restaurant, it is variety of mee tarik (kneaded, pull noodle) menu. All of the noodle that I have tasted here are my favorite, so far. Besides, they also have rice menu which my kid’s favorite – fried rice. The specialty in preparing smooth noodle started from flour, kneaded dough then pulling technique until it is served with own soup or garnish, all being done with bare hands. Hassan inherit this techniques from his family, from his great great grandfather down to him now.

egg fried rice

mee pisau

jasmine tea

Most of the dishes use beef, only some of them use lamb and chicken. The pull and knife noodle (mee pisau) very nice, smooth and tasty with mild savory soup top up with sesame oil, spring onion and the vegetable. You can have mustard beef noodle if you like it little bit hot or ask some chili cut in soy sauce. They use sliced beef in the noodle dishes and shredded beef in the fried rice with mixed vegetable. Braised beef noodle is little bit different from mee pisau but it looks like keow teaw which long piece of noodle in braised of spring onion soup, small beef cut and an onion cut. This noodle is really make you full compare to the mee tarik. Never miss to try the toothpick lamb, it is really irresistible and make me cannot stop to munch it. The lamb is basically sliced cut of spiced lamb meat with sesame and sticked to toothpick. The fried bean sauce noodle is also delicious, with the braised sauce of , mushroom, cut long bean, carrot and shredded beef. 

mustard beef noodle

 braised beef noodle
toothpick lamb
fried bean sauce noodle
tomato fried egg rice

If you prefer rice, have the tomato fried egg rice, it is plain rice with fried egg, tomato and vege, nice as well.  

Clip of the chef kneading and pulling the dough until become smooth noodle

Clip of the chef, cut the pre-kneaded dough to prepare & boil then become the mee pisau:

Read my old post about this fascinating delicious hearty of mee tarik. I met Hassan the owner of the Mee Tarik Warisan Asli (original heritage pull noodle) back in early 2011 when he opened a small stall joined with Restoran Habatus Sauda in Sri Petaling. I have been his regular customer quite awhile then lost contact after the restaurant closed the business. Later early this year, I discovered that Hassan opened his mee tarik restaurant at Worldwide Business Centre, in Shah Alam under the name of Adam Lee Abdullah restaurant, the former restaurant owner. I used to eat there few times then he closed the business there. Until last Ramadhan I met Hassan opened a bazar Ramadhan stall in Sri Petaling, selling the mee tarik. I was told that he just opened new restaurant, the Mee Tarik Warisan Asli in Sungai Besi and ever since I have been the regular customer again. I see the restaurant is successfully growing at the pekan Sungai Besi new shop lot rows. It is convenience for family and even can take a small function as it occupied two lots of the shop. I do not see Hassan knead or pull the dough anymore as he got his workers to do it, in fact he have his family and parent helping him at the restaurant. The mee tarik restaurant opens everyday from 11am to 11pm but not recommended to dine in on the weekend, it is really full house.


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