Sunday, December 16, 2012

De Pauh Garden – Jln. Permatang Pauh, Seberang Perai, Penang

    Even though De Pauh Garden restaurant started its business in early this year, it really get great patrons response. I believe this is because of its variety of food, dishes and menu with great of choices. From hot wok dishes, tomyum up to western food, pasta and etc. Furthermore the environment of the restaurant is comfortable and convenient for family or a small function. It has different section of seating and tables where the main section is under the shade like big verandah with nice interior decorated with aquarium. Opposite the main seating there is small square where open seating and tables with the big projector screen at the edge and surrounded by a row of small stalls of food counters for western and others. The surrounding shaded by sort of small garden besides it has its own surau, quite spacious parking place and other facilities. De Pauh Garden located in strategic place in the middle of residential area and higher learning institutions.

daging masak merah

mix vege




The food were delicious as its reputation, such as the tomyum with the perfect taste. The steam lime seabass was really nice. The mix vege, daging masak merah (sweet and spicy red beef cooked in tomato sauce garnish) were delicious, I love the squid fritters as well and the satay is not really bad but little bit sweet. The laici kang drink (lychee drink with mix of syrup, nuts, kishmish, basil seeds, nata de coco) was really refreshing after ate hot and spiced food.
squid fritters

steam lime seabass

De Pauh Garden restaurant operates from 10AM till 2AM, serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. I have to return to this restaurant to try its specialties and other dishes. Further info about De Pauh Garden can be found here.

*Photos courtesy of niza

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